PIB WEEK 2: 1-5

1. The Jays were similarly benefitted in 2013 after a disappointing start by the extension of the NHL season in Toronto. Much of the regular (and pop-drinking) media corps are occupied with the Leafs playoff run. The Jays have 8 home games (MILx2, BALx4, BOSx2) before the saddened, angered, and lightly-salted takes are placed upon them. 

2. While the 1-5 record itself is disappointing, the process was not altogether terrible. The Jays had quality starts in 4 out of 6 games while losing two of those games in extra innings. Sunday’s 7-2 loss was a true outlier. It’s margin (5) nearly equalled the combined differential of the prior four losses (6). As well, it was only the second game, along with Opening Day, in which the Jays did not hold the lead at some point. This is all to say with all the same inputs and slightly better luck, the team could be facing a much more reasonable 2-4 or 3-3. I think the level of ‘panic’ unfairly erupted after yesterday’s loss, where the team recorded only a single hit after the first inning. That kind of afternoon can make all the previous losses look worse. Most could see that the team was playing well before that. 

3. The struggles are not difficult to pinpoint either. The Jays are batting .202 as a team (28th in baseball), with a .280 OBP (27th), and [NSFW] .298 SLG (28th). Liriano has a higher ERA than points scored by the Raptors in any game this season. Russell Martin still doesn’t have a hit. The team has the same amount of shrimps as wins. Donaldson, the only Jays player with legitimate numbers to this point, left Sunday’s game after re-aggravating his left calf. 

4. Fuck the Trop.